WoW – Changes In The Latest Hotfix

The last WoW Hotfix for March came with some class tuning for the tanking specializations and two general fixes regarding Soul Ashes and a quest.

WoW: Shadowlands is currently in Patch 9.0.5. It is still a long time until the next major content update but the development team is dropping smaller updates, known as Hotfixes, that take care of various game issues. Most of the changes relate to some of the World of Warcraft classes, notably the tank specializations.

Hotfix Class Changes

Blood Death Knights will take 10% less PvE damage when they use rank two of the Veteran of the Third War. Vengeance Demon Hunters received three updates. The issue with the Havoc and Vengeance Demonic Wards was fixed so now it will not affect this specialization anymore. The same goes for the Shattered Souls that applied the Havoc version to the specialization in question. Rank one of Demonic Wards will be more effective as the PvE damage mitigation was doubled. It was 5% and now it is 10%. Guardian Druids have been buffed as the Ursine Adept reduces the PvE damage by 10%. The same applies to Brewmaster Monks and the Balance ability. Protection Paladins get the same treatment thanks to the Aegis of Light which is a new passive skill. Protection Warriors are not left aside either. Vanguard makes them take 10% less PvE damage. Some of the Warlock abilities will not have the long cooldown anymore when they get interrupted. The abilities in question are Summon Infernal, Demonic Circle, and the two talents Mortal Coil and Felguard.

General Changes

General Hotfix changes relate to Soul Ash and Tyrande’s Ascension quest line. Players will be happy to know that there is no longer a cap on how many Soul Ashes they can have. This means that you can store as many as you like. The In Darkest Night quest that is part of the Tyrande’s Ascension quest line has received a fix. Players that died during this quest were transported to the wrong spot. After the Hotfix, they will release where they should have in the first place. There’s one more recent change. It doesn’t affect the gameplay but it does affect some of the players. The game time options for 30, 90, and 180 days have been removed. The 30-day option is the only one that remains. The subscription options remain unchanged.

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