An Overview Of Nasdaq Aapl

Apple was founded in April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne to sell Wozniak’s Apple I. Initially, it was named Apple Computer, Inc but it was later switched to Apple Inc. after the sales of computers grew rapidly in January 1977. People loved computers so much that the demand for apple computers surged to a great extent. Hence, within a few years, apple hired computer developers and started its production line. Apple is best known for the quality of its products and the annual revenue that it generates. Hence, NASDAQ AAPL at has been a valuable sector to look for trading for investors. It is one of the largest technology companies and is said to be the world’s most valuable company.

Apple Products

Apple provides consumers with loads of valuable products that help greatly in business and utility sections. It has a wide range of products including hardware and software. The list of products by apple are as follows;

  1. iPhone
  2. IPad
  3. Mac Computers
  4. iPod
  5. Apple Smartwatch
  6. Apple TV
  7. Airpods
  8. Homepods

It also has a wide range of software products that include;

  1. macOS
  2. IOS
  3. Ipad OS
  4. WatchOS
  5. TVOS
  6. iTunes
  7. Safari Web Browser
  8. Shazam Music Identifier
  9. FinalCut Pro
  10. Logic Pro
  11. XCode

The NASDAQ AAPL has grown not only because of the software and hardware features, but also because of its other services, like, AppStore, Mac AppStore, Apple Music, iMessage, and iCloud.

Trading aspects of Apple

Apple’s market share and revenues have increased a lot ever since it’s announcement of the new OS update. The values surge from time to time as Apple announces its brand new products or new OS updates that keep people in awe. All the services provided by Apple contribute a lot to the electronic and telecommunication sector of the stocks and trading market. Hence, all its products, although it comes with a premium price range, do contribute a lot to the NASDAQ AAPL  values.

The Trading Facts About Apple

  • Exchange – NASDAQ-GS
  • Sector – Technology
  • Industry – Computer Manufacturing
  • 1 Year Target – $355.00
  • Share Volume – 32,661,519
  • Average Volume Label – 35,831, 313
  • Yearly High/Low – $372.38/ $192.58
  • Market Cap – $1,568,075,716,300
  • P/E Ratio – 28.37
  • EPS (Earning Per Share) – $12.75
  • Annualized Dividend – $3.28
  • Current Yield – 0.93%

The above statistics help the investors decide when to invest in the company to gain maximum profit. Hence, during any version update or product launch, the market value of Apple surges to an ever high and that is the right time to buy some stocks in NASDAQ AAPL. With its wide product range and all the features and services provided by Apple, it is deemed to grow up to the largest tech company ever. Hence, it makes it even important for the investors to buy stocks via day trading software in the company and hold them for the longer-term.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.