familie.de test: shoes with GORE-TEX Surround technology

Under the heading 'familie.de tests' we consider innovative, useful and unusual products around the theme of family through their paces. This time Carl, Matilda and Ida Schuhe with GORE-TEX Surround tested technology.

With the 'Air Surround 2nd' Superfit Ida can also twist. Photo: Anna-Maria Reiter

Upon parents footwear for children yes rather emphasis on good workmanship and the fact that the feet of their children are in good hands and can grow healthy. Children do not care. Children is the outfit important, so Shoes must look cool. This combination of parent-child needs and desires-is 'Primigi' and 'Superfit' clearly succeeded in the shoes with GORE-TEX Surround technology have made. Carl (10), Matilda (8) and Ida (4) are almost freaked out with joy when they were allowed to call her the fancy models and has since come to their feet no more. I in turn am very satisfied, because the shoes are very well made. They still hold, although they are in use every day for weeks. In addition, the breathable surface convinced me. Even on hot days, children do not have sweaty feet. And the shoes are straightforward. At least for the big two, purely hatched and Velcro to. Finished. That would be for the green shoe of Ida also desirable, but the laces see it also beautiful. With the thick sole, I can let the kids run around everywhere safely. Who like to go into the woods to the creek and climb as around a bit. Since it does not matter, if a time would collect some water. From the nothing goes in the shoe. The fact is breathable and waterproof.


I am very happy with the shoes because they do the feet of my children well and are so robust, and my children are happy because they find the shoes super cool and sau comfortable. For the first time there was no discussion at the shoe selection. That was the best part of the story. 'Air surround 2nd' Superfit, about 75 euros on amazon.de
'Barret' Primigi, from about 50 euros on amazon.de

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