Cold in pregnancy: tips to help

Common cold viruses just have high season and make course before pregnancy not stop. Cold and pregnancy - you need to worry about now? No, because we'll tell you how to relieve coughs, colds and Co. ...

Ekrältung in pregnancy

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Take a deep breath! Because neither cough nor sniffle or a slight fever put their baby at risk, because it is well protected in the stomach. However, pregnant women should be cautious when taking medication. So what to do against the nasty cold? 

Help for coughs

The Alpha and Omega is in the cough-fighters: imbibe! Only through proper hydration, the stuck mucus can solve in the bronchi and coughed. Out he must in any case, because it offers a super bacteria breeding ground. And even bacteria viruses - you really do not need it now!
Onion syrup triggers the cough and relieve him

Instead of cough syrup to grab from the pharmacy, you can mix and an onion syrup itself. To chop one small onion, mix it with some honey and infuse the mixture overnight in a warm place. Strain the juice and repeatedly take a teaspoon a day. 
Runny nose and nasal congestion

Conventional nasal sprays cause the nasal membranes subside and you get air better. However, you should not use this too long, the long-term use does more harm than benefit. Better to rely on sea salt nasal sprays - they keep mucous membranes moist and improve the removal of pathogens. Facilitating and decongestant also act Steam baths with thyme or chamomile tea. If you have problems with the sinuses, helps a nasal irrigation. Do not worry, this really is not disgusting. (Nose showers are available in pharmacies)

Sore throat?

Sage tea reduces the annoying scratchy throat, which brings a cold with it. Just a few sage leaves and scald with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Several times a day gargle with sage solution. help correct common sore throat potato wrap. wrap simply boiled, mashed potatoes in a towel and place around the neck. Even a scarf around his neck, ready. The fumes and the damp heat alleviate the pain.
When to see a doctor?

Sounds the common cold with fever over 38.5 degrees for several days not from, you'd better go to the doctor as a precaution, because at long-lasting and high fever burdened not only you but also your unborn baby. 

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