Harmless pimples: This creates Neugeborenenakne

A Neugeborenenakne erupts without warning. But fear not, you have done nothing wrong in the care. The baby acne is caused by hormones. Caution: risk of confusion with the Säuglingsakne.Das baby is old only a few weeks and as parents we naturally want to do everything right: the healthiest diet, the best care and the perfect environment. But suddenly the baby gets small pimples on the cheeks. Let us have done something wrong? We can assure you likely are a harmless called Neugeborenenakne or baby acne. Which comes in infants even quite common - especially in boys.

Neugeborenenakne: How to spot a baby acne

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The Neugeborenenakne always occurs about the third week of life on. Approximately every fifth baby then small red pustules arise with yellowish nodules in the middle. do about it, you can little. After all are to blame the maternal hormones, which the baby was exposed during pregnancy. Through the placenta are the ever gets into the bloodstream of the baby. After birth, it does not come naturally to this hormone exchange between mother and child. The result: Hormone levels bagged abruptly from and to your baby's skin with pimples responding. So for you, it means they have absolutely nothing wrong. Werder poor nutrition still the wrong baby care can trigger a Neugeborenenakne. By the way: the head gneiss (not to be confused with cradle cap) is triggered by hormonal changes.

What can you do at a Neugeborenenakne

Normally the Neugeborenenakne goes as quickly as it came. If the hormone levels of the baby regained his balance, then disappear the pimples - mostly within weeks. Do not worry, the Neugeborenenakne does not leave any scars. When baby acne so patience is the best and only treatment. Please try by no means to treat pimples with special creams or express the pimples. You can also support the healing process as follows:

➤ Keep the baby's face as dry as possible. By saliva or milk spat, the acne may get worse. So lay always a dry burp cloth under the baby's head.

➤ In any case, you should always avoid that the baby is exposed to cigarette smoke. It hurts in general, the health of your baby and can also be the baby's sensitive skin also irritate.

➤ The baby pustules should not scratch as possible.
Likelihood of confusion: Säuglingsakne from the 3rd month

Join the pimples on your baby only between 3 and 6 months of age on, then it is probably the so-called Säuglingsakne. The Säuglingsakne looks similar to the Neugeborenenakne, but may have a more severe disease. You may itch and keeps mostly longer. In severe cases, the Säuglingsakne must also anti-inflammatory agents be treated. A definite cause for this form of acne, there is not, but it is believed that the Säuglingsakne is hereditary. This means that your child can also suffer from acne during puberty. Do you suspect that your child has a Säuglingsakne, then let that please clearly clarify by a doctor. treat yourself you should not acne. If mistreated, they can leave scars. Thus, the skin regenerates quickly, you can, as in the Neugeborenenakne sure to keep your baby's face dry and the skin exposing cigarette smoke. These are simple immediate measures that can prevent a bad disease.


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