Hair loss after pregnancy

No sooner is the baby in the world, is in many women over with the hair. The hair is dull - and fall out. What's up with the hair loss after pregnancy about? And what can you do about it?

If the hair loss normally after birth?

Hair loss after pregnancy

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Hair everywhere: in the brush, in small sieve in the shower, on the carpet, on the pillow. And on the head they are getting less. Many women complain that they run after the birth hair and react - understandably - with anxiety and panic. One equals first: cause for concern does not exist. Of the so-called postpartum effluvium (Increased hair loss after childbirth) can be explained completely normal and easy.
Why suffer mothers from hair loss?

Actually unfair: The stretch marks and dark circles due to sleep deprivation also increased hair loss happens. And right now, where freshly baked Mamas are thin-skinned anyway and can not find time for their beauty program! The reason for the hair loss is relatively simple - and as such owed many changes during and after pregnancy hormones: During pregnancy more hair than usual in the growth phase are held by the estrogen boost. After birth, the estrogen level drops suddenly - and the body sends the hairs from the growth phase to the resting phase where they remain for some time. And after about three months of fall this hair who, thanks to pregnancy "delay" from then. By the way: breastfeeding the hair loss has nothing to do after pregnancy in! There is an old wives' tale.
What helps in hair loss after pregnancy?

Dermatologists advise: Stay away from shampoos or hair tonics, touting increased hair growth. In practice, only one thing: patience. Make sure that you eat a healthy diet and getting enough vitamins and minerals to be. And enjoy the new luck with your baby! You will see that after nine months to one year, the problem has completely done by itself. With longer hair is then notice that grow many short hair at the hairline - for the character: Now your hair growth to normal.

Exciting facts about hair

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    about 100,000 hairs grow on your head.

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    Hair grows between one and two centimeters a month.

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    A loss of about 100 hairs a day is normal.

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    Blonde hair is usually thinner than dark or red hair.

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    A hair grows an average of three to four years, then it goes into a sleep mode for several months, in which it is no longer growing - and eventually falls out.

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    For your hair it is best if you squeeze out the water from the hair and do not rub your hair dry.

What to do if the hair loss continues?

If you have nine months after the birth still feel that your hair loss is does not improve, you should contact your gynecologist to the problem or consult a dermatologist. He will investigate whether you are suffering from a protein, vitamins, zinc or iron deficiency due to pregnancy and lactation. A nutrient deficit can easily fix - and a serious Erkan Kung infected thankfully almost never behind the ugly phenomenon of hair loss in the first year with baby.

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