Hand-mouth-foot disease: Symptoms, Pictures & amp; treatment

The hand-mouth-foot disease is a skin infection that occurs mainly in children under 10 years. We'll show you how the disease looks to what symptoms occur and how it is treated.

As you put on the hand-mouth-foot disease?

The mouth-hand-foot's disease is a viral infection that can be passed when coughing or sneezing by so-called droplet infection. In addition, an infection through a smear infection by chair is possible. therefore, are from the hand-mouth-foot disease in particular Kitas, kindergartens and playgroups affected.

The look of the typical bubbles hand-mouth-foot disease.

Typical rash of hand-mouth-foot disease on the hands.

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The sufferers are very contagious during the first days. A few days to two weeks after infection, the first symptoms occur. If older children or adults are ill, the hand, foot and mouth disease can be completely asymptomatic. Overall, the hand-mouth-foot disease between eight and twelve days lasts. Vaccination does not exist.
Symptoms of hand-mouth-foot disease

Aussschlag and bubbles

The decisive hand-mouth-foot disease in the legs.

The decisive hand-mouth-foot disease in the legs.

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Non-itchy rash, especially on the palms and soles. Are formed reddish stains that can develop into blisters during the course and heal within 10 to 12 days.

The mouth is also affected
On the oral mucosa is painful bubbles called canker sores, can form.

➤ accompaniments
Light to medium high fever, neck and abdominal pain and vomiting are possible side effects of hand-mouth-foot disease.

➤ Rare additional infection
In rare cases, it can cause an almond infection.
What can I do against the hand-mouth-foot disease?

Unfortunately, not much, the body has to cope without help with the infection. Go in any case to the pediatrician, who can diagnose the hand-mouth-foot disease and exclude other diseases.

DangerThe content of the bubbles and saliva and chair of the little patients are particularly contagious. Therefore, be sure to wash hands adequately and ensure thorough cleaning of towels and toys!


In babies and children rashes are not uncommon. But what does the young, exactly? We give a little help.

Remedy for painful sores in the mouth tinctures care from the pharmacy or even honey, which can be applied directly, and mouthwashes with lukewarm chamomile or marigold tea. Important in Diagnostic hand-mouth-foot disease is an adequate supply of the child with liquid, even if drinking is painful. Water, tea or water or even milk ice cream ensure that the oral mucosa does not dry out and the sores may heal quickly. The sick child no fruit acidic food and drinks should preferably be offered. Rather lukewarm soups, porridge or puree. 

Typical rash of hand-mouth-foot disease on their feet.

Typical rash of hand-mouth-foot disease on their feet.

© Dr. Rautenstrauch

Veränderungan his nails at hand mouth disease foot

Changes to the nails in the hand-mouth-foot disease

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