put the baby in winter properly

Even in winter, go for walks in the fresh air the baby fit and happy - provided, of course, it is right tightened. Our tips summarize what is important to dress the baby in winter.

The baby likes it warm, but not too warm

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It may sound odd at first glance, but the danger that babies overheat in the winter is just as great as the risk that the little ones cool!

Babies can not self-regulate their temperature balance, so they quickly lose a lot of body heat in cold weather, especially on the head. If they are not properly tightened, hypothermia can, at worst, frostbite can result. Therefore an anxious moms and dads wrap the little layer by layer in underwear, tights, sweaters, rompers, sweater, anorak or snowsuit and one or two blankets, if it is to go outside - and that makes for the little ones then ever for sweats.

Proceed in the winter after the onion principle

The tightening of the baby in the winter after the famous onion principle, ie layer by layer, all very true. Because the many thin layers keep the baby warmer than a few thick layers. In addition, the individual layers quickly Toggle as required and can be pulled out. But that's the whole point: The layers can not only, they should be gradually removed if you come from cold to warm, so that the baby does not sweat, overheated and then with wet clothes back into the cold needs. This is the case even for the trip to the supermarket, trips by public transport or car, etc. - and yes, you should take off then when your baby sleeps straight.

And how many layers you should put your baby? This can be so flat course not say and depends on the temperature. but a nice rule of thumb is: Always remove your baby one more layer on, as themselves.

Clothing made of synthetic fibers keeps your baby warm in winter

When you think of winter clothes, you automatically think of thick wool sweaters. Sounds cozy, but not for babies. Although new wool keeps you warm, but has the disadvantage that they often scratched. In winter are more suitable for sensitive baby skin Fabrics of synthetic fibers such as polyester (e.g. fleece) or mixed fabrics, where the wool content is not too high. Especially for the undergarments are substances which are a high proportion of synthetic fibers that do not retain moisture, as opposed to, for example, pure cotton pieces.

are not directly on the skin but for layering Fleece things almost always suitable because they produce a heat storage air cushion. Fleece overalls with snaps or zipper are a practical option for all babies. The outside of the outdoor clothing should, however, not a fleece, but from a wind- and water-repellent material be.


Finally it's here, the winter fashion for babies. We looked around for you and show you here the most beautiful parts!

Snowsuit or foot bag?

That's up to you, but in no case you should combine both options together. For smaller babies who are not yet explore the world by crawling and running, are warmed Footmuffels actually best for prams and buggies. Including the child does not need any additional thermal clothing, a thick tights, thick socks and maybe a pair of pants rich with moderate cold usually already made. The upper body should of course be protected with a thick jacket against the cold yet.

A real snow suit makes usually only makes sense if the baby can already run, or if you want to wear it on your jacket. Ensure that the snowsuit wind and especially water repellent is for the fun does not end in the snow with a cold the baby. In addition, the suit must not too stiff and difficult be, otherwise frustration arises. Babies who can already crawl or walk, suddenly feel immobile - the small muscles fail because of the resistance of the excessive clothes. It is better to take care in extreme cold for more "onion layers" below, and easier to select the external. Because mobility is everything!

If you want to carry your baby in a sling or a baby carrier, then best ever under your jacket, directly on your body. So it gets from your body heat and therefore not an extra needs its own jacket.

Keep head, hands and feet of babies warm

Whether in a sling, in the snow suit, foot bag or under a blanket in the stroller: head, hands and feet of the baby must always be thick tightened. If you lose baby warmth, then mostly about these body parts. That is, a thick hat that covers the ears, is always mandatory in winter. The hands are lined gloves, best suitable mittens because warm her fingers against each other in them and they can be put simply better. Thick socks and lined shoes keep meanwhile feet warm. If your baby can already run, the shoes should be naturally water repellent.

More tips for winter with baby

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    Too hot or too cold?

    To check if it is too warm or too cold your baby, there are simple tricks. The baby is too warm as if his neck feels very warm and humid, or if his feet are remarkably warm. Also, heat rash to signal that it is your baby too warm. Are his toes on the other hand very cold, which is a clear sign that your baby is freezing, because over the toes and fingers it loses body heat first. The temperature of the abdomen provides information: Does it feel warm, all is well. he feels cold to the touch, you should put your baby a little thicker now or before the next walk.

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    We can sleep well in winter well

    The best sleeping temperature for your baby is about 20 degrees Celsius, so they should not overheat the bedroom. So your baby does not freeze, you provide a cozy sleeping environment: a cozy Flanellbettlaken on the mattress, a warm sleeping bag or a warm pajama help. Refrain should in both winter and summer on blankets in the cot. Do you care that the crib is too cold, warm it before on a Kirschkernkissen or hot water bottle anything. Take both but again out of bed before you put your child.

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    upgrade the stroller

    If you are afraid, the stroller may be too cold or are cut as a sleeping mat handle and place it under your baby. Always allows you to protect your baby if necessary against wind, rain and snow also think of the weather protection.

    Will it be too cold your baby, it is by whining certainly make noticeable. Feel his face, ears, fingers and feet - they are cold? Then from inside.

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    Traveling by car

    Do you plan to drive a longer distance by car, or at least as long that the car can heat up until the arrival of something, do not forget to take off your baby the top layer. Snowsuits make therefore in the car rather bad. Better here is a combination of jacket and pants and possibly a fleece blanket. Important: When you buckle up no ceiling should be between your child and the estate for safety reasons. The ceiling heard about the belt.

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    Skin care in winter

    Cold wind and dry heated air quickly attack the baby's sensitive skin, so the proper baby care during the cold season is very important. Creams you your baby's face before going out always with a greasy cold protection cream one. The sun shines? Then the cream should also have a UV protection at best. And when a lot of snow is even advise a sunglasses, so that the sensitive baby's eyes are not dazzled.

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