The baby cries, how can you soothe babies cry

A baby never cries for no reason. What could be missing cry babies and how to handle the little ones so that you will learn in our guide.

Cry babies: baby cries, what to do?

Those who know the need, can soothe the baby

"The art of soothing lies in early detection of the right need"

Writes behavioral biologist Dr. Joachim Bensel and explains it this way: If the baby needs something, it sends time signals. Recognizing these and decrypt was not that hard for the parents - and to respond appropriately, of course, then certainly not. There would need in the first place a little practice (which all parents comes with time by itself) and self-confidence (which comes with practice).

You should trust your intuition and soon you will understand in most cases, what your baby will tell you when it rubs his nose, sucking or at the base of the thumb turns away his head.
Babies communicate through body language

Even if the baby for words: speechless, it is so far. Facial expressions, gestures, vocalizations of all kinds - her whole body put a baby to tell us whether they now would find a game teasers nice or would would rather get the vial.

And really much a baby does not need: In the first months of his needs limited contact, food, sleep and stimulation. The question is just only when what need is your turn.


We explain here the typical signals in the body language of your baby and be a little translator.

When the causes of cry babies should always keep one thing in mind: In the first year of life is learning your baby without ceasing. Everything is new, everything is experienced for the first time and mightily impressed - or sometimes even makes a little scared. Every minute is full of unknown stimuli to which the baby has to get used - light, clothing, food, temperature, noise .... An immense power that accomplishes your baby there. No wonder if the baby is a little bit complaining here and there!

In the video, Why cry babies

"For the baby, it is threatening to be alone," explains Martina Kindsmüller. The psychologist from Regensburg family therapeutic counseling center knows: "If your child gives their voices heard, which is normal. Please note: your baby does not cry so on, it announces itself because it lacks something! This screams brings the parents to help the baby. It is his most effective alarm signal. "

But this also poses two dangers. Firstly alerted parents are troubled parents. With her to calm the baby as soon as possible desire, they can ever go beyond the original target. The other danger: that the parents leave the pressure under which the baby alarm puts it, to each other, rather than together. to believe now, the partners make mistakes and to him it was up that the baby is still crying, may be understandable, it is still wrong.

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