Baby Development: The baby in the 11th month

Once your baby can be sure it will begin to take the first steps. In addition, it is becoming more communicative and enjoys the company of the whole family. How can you help your child now.

Baby Development: 11 months

Development of movement and motor skills in 11 months

Your baby can sit stable and needs no problems with crawl, crawl, slide or along hand over hand to furniture (both or one hand) forward. End of the 11th month, it should also be hands-free and safe. Once your baby has found the balance for it, it will try its first steps!

In addition, the fine motor skills of your baby from 11 months is already very well developed. The baby now makes it much more fun back things and rich ago. It can go from the state to its knees and pick up a toy from the floor.
interact with the baby and play

Your baby will be more independent and explores their surroundings prefer alone. It knows the meanings of "Yes" and "No" and can respond to it. Your baby can quite understand prohibitions, but it takes a lot of repetition, so it does not forget.

With (almost) eleven months your baby laughs like and is very communicative. It is articulated with different sounds and tries to talk to you.

Baby exerts running

Everything serves as a walker - if necessary also a stool.

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Promote the baby in 11 months

At this age, it loves your little treasure to take objects and give away. He likes to play with big building blocks, push or pull-along toys, books and game boxes that make sounds when pressed. They offer the baby age-appropriate toys or appropriate household items.

When the baby was eleven months old, you can take it to the common meals. It enjoys the company and learn to eat slowly with others. Initially, you will still feed the baby, but over time it can take small sliced ​​bread or fruit into their own hands and lead to mouth. Do you support the independence of your child by offering him bite-size pieces to eat.


From apple to M such as melon: This delicious finger food your child comes to the taste.

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