From the first gear to the final dentition

20 teeth has the dentition of a baby. have broken up all the teeth, it takes almost two years. In our info graphic shows how the dentition evolved gradually and which teeth come first.

Baby teeth in toddlers

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The finished systems for their milk teeth had your baby before, when there were peacefully rocked in the womb. Now the teeth just have to break through. Only, of course, absolutely understated. Until that dentition is completely there, that means hard work for the baby. That it is often whiny and cranky no wonder now. Teething is just uncomfortable for the baby. You can unfortunately not help much. These 6 Tips nevertheless bring some relief.

Teething: What helps the baby

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    A massage the gums do many babies now good. Simply use a clean finger or baby dental care fingerlings. To alleviate the pain the possibility to rub the gums with cool chamomile tea. Also, the cooled tea from 5 cloves which boiled in 200 ml of water for about ten minutes, can alleviate teething pain.

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    can bite

    The around chewing on harder objects also acts like a massage for the oppressive and itchy gums. The best pollution-free teethers or wet washcloths are suitable for it. Slightly chilled they reduce blood circulation, relieve pain and inhibit inflammation possible. Even a piece of bread crust or chilled fennel and carrot pieces can serve as Zahnungshelfer. but do not let your baby so that unattended, it could swallow.

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    orris root

    The violet root has an analgesic effect and is recommended by some midwives as a teething. The only problem: the hygiene. On the wood, germs can form quickly. If you still want to try out the roots, wash and boil them regularly with water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Dispose of cracked and broken roots and no longer offer to bite!

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    Suffers her baby very, analgesic and anti-inflammatory Zahnungsgels can provide relief. Seek advice to the pediatrician or in the pharmacy as to the correct ointment and important application notes.

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    Some moms swear by homeopathy for teething. In question mainly because the drug comes Chamomilla (chamomile).

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    In salivate when teething neck and chest are soaked in an instant. Scarves and bibs ensure that bodysuits and shirts remain dry.

Each tooth gradually painfully pushes through the gums. First, break the lower incisors by. Mostly from the 6th - 8th month. Shortly thereafter, come the upper incisors closely followed by side. So eating solid foods makes finally really fun, come from the first year of life, the so-called Milchmahlzähne to. So the first broader baby teeth that aid in chewing. The canines break only through quite late - from about the 16th month. On second pair Milchmahlzähne make the milk teeth completely.

For his second birthday, your baby can then even laugh with all his teeth. The reserves your child until about the age of six. Then the first baby teeth can fail. They are gradually being replaced by the permanent teeth. In our infographic to see it again at a glance how the dentition evolved.

Milk teeth: So the baby's teeth develop

Milk teeth: So the baby's teeth develop

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The milk teeth graphics you might also free download to disposal. For this you simply click on the image, save the image or print it out directly. On the graph, you'll also find checkboxes for chopping off. Each new teeth can then be documented exactly.
Proper care from the start

Thus, the new primary dentition remains healthy, proper care is very important - from the beginning. In the beginning, it meets the milk tooth once a day with a soft toothbrush and initially to clean with water only. Later, you can also give a roughly pea-sized dab of children's toothpaste on the toothbrush. Shape the dental care quietly playful, tell it as a story. So brushing your teeth is already at your baby to a fixed ritual in the evening.

From about two years - so if that primary dentition is fully erupted - should the milk teeth twice a day be cleaned. Even if it does not want to work right at the beginning, let your child calm dare first own cleaning tests. With fun dental care products makes that even twice as much fun.


With practical and child-friendly dental care products toothbrushing fun and effective.

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