Sense of sight in the baby: When can babies see?

No other sense so much develops through experience and practice as the sense of sight. And parents can do much to eye development, so that her baby learns to see quickly.

Sense of sight in newborns rather poorly trained

In the 28th week of pregnancy, the eye of the fetus and start the lids open to beat, three months before the birth. Compared with the development of other sensory organs, eye development is lagging behind somewhat still.

When can see baby

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And also in the outside world the sense of sight is always a little hinterhertapsen the feeling or hearing. Lise Eliot, a professor of neuroscience at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago, has an explanation: "Perhaps that is the importance of seeing the reason why our sense of sight passes through its most important development steps after birth, so that the experience the biggest role can play in the brain in shaping the visual centers. " 

The sense of sight in newborns is thus only slightly developed. Infants can see only 20 to 30 cm wide well shortly after birth. What is further away than Mama's face when breastfeeding, newborns can not focus properly. You see the world a little dizzy, as though looking through a fogged bottom of the bottle. Even colors they can not distinguish Nocht.

Because of the slow development of eyes all seems for them also two-dimensional. The deep impression they have yet to learn, like most "visual techniques".

The senses shortly after birth

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    After birth, the eyes can still be sealed by the infant because the tear ducts are not too tight. but he can already distinguish between light and dark. Does your sweetheart opened his eyes, he can even detect far outlines and movements up to about 30 cm. He, however, still looks quite fuzzy.

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    Your baby is already used after the birth of voices heard it in the womb and responds to them. There also had been responding to other sounds and music.

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    Immediately after the birth, your baby can perceive your scent and can find the chest by his sense of smell. After a few days, if your child has memorized your scent, it would take you to figure out your body odor from many others.

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    The taste buds of your infant are not yet mature immediately after birth. However, he can taste the sweet taste of breast milk and bitter substances. The latter, he will not like. 

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    Heating and cooling and gentle pats to exercise your baby immediately after birth through the skin.

Babies recognize faces from birth

Throughout the first year of life and even months beyond the brain billion nerve cells are linked together, but other connections are switched off again. Many learning processes have to be dedicated solely to the vision. Only little is already "pre-installed". Including but the most important thing: the ability to recognize faces.

This is possible even from birth. Entirely reliable, the Newborn "point-point-point line," that is, the basic shape of the human face, different from any other geometric figures. Researchers have thus made all sorts of experiments simply reversed as bar and dots on Pappgesichtern. The love but not babies - with which they wish to have a face for the knee-jerk, touching smile, will be refused.

Also keeping track of objects succeed from the beginning: Who leaves anything unusual slow "float" through the field of a baby, see how to follow exactly the little eyes already.

But to perceive proportions his eyes development is still insufficient. Equally difficult for the baby seeing blue and yellow tones and the depth of the room: The coordination of hand and eye in grasping that everything has to be practiced and learned. 

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Mobile helps babies learn in vision

To support babies learn in vision, baby toy is best suited with clear contours and sophisticated three-dimensional shape.

A baby stroller and crib on Mobile is not only a beautiful tradition, but also a valuable learning tool. Its colors and shapes allow both viewing and the touching and grasping. And so the Mobile helps the baby with us to perceive the world in three dimensions: the first grasp reflex is to selectively grab and the blurred in-the-world watching is becoming a focused look at.

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