Baby Development: The baby in the 10th month

Your baby has now probably a tremendous urge to move. Crawl crawl, or slip, the main thing forward! In addition, it develops a sense of self and one's own will. How do you know that.

Baby Development: 10 months

Movement and motor skills

If your baby has not yet fit securely, while look around and was able to bend forward without tipping over, it should be able to ten months.

Your baby now will not sit still for long. crawls in his urge to move, crawls or slips it through the apartment. It is always smarter and faster. It can also hold in each hand an object and hitting each other. The pincer grip between thumb and index finger is always precise and thus your baby lifts even the smallest crumbs. Here, gradually, also shows which hand preference your baby to touch.

The knees and feet of your baby muscle control continues to develop, so it can pull up on furniture, even with ten months. Most babies can not control their balance in the tenth month. Therefore, they pull themselves to furniture along, pushing a chair across the room or want to explore the world on your hands. So the little ones learn to walk. If your baby then wants to set again, it can plop down on the ass mostly. Only later it learns to control from the state to sit.
The baby is self-employed - the separation phase begins

The more mobile your baby, the more independent she likes to explore the world. Little by little, it will be solved now more and more from you, yet satisfy itself time and again that you are still there. Many babies now cling to a security blanket, stuffed animal or other items that will help them to overcome the separation phase.

You will now notice more and more that your baby develops a sense of self and one's own will. For example, it responds to his name and shows preference for certain toys.

Baby discovers the world

Your baby would now like to explore the world step by step yourself.

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play with the baby and communicate

Your baby communicates mostly with gestures. If it wants to be taken on the arm, it stretches its arms towards you. But it goes to great lengths to understand your language. The importance of basic terms such as "No", it goes mostly already. Your baby can clap their hands and waving goodbye. The fear of strangers is still very pronounced.

If your baby is ten months old, it caresses aware of a doll or a stuffed. It is understood that these things are to represent a living creature. When a toy falls down, it looks after him.

Your baby learns to distinguish different materials and is fascinated by toys that have different materials. In addition, it is increasingly interested in books.
promote the baby in the 10th month

Baby standing in crib

Are already works just fine now I practice running!

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Learning to walk your baby best barefoot or wearing non-slip socks. You are advised to refrain from baby walkers. Many experts are of the opinion that the usual crutches constrict the child and affect his posture. Ultimately, babies learn to walk without such assistance.

The items on which your baby pulls up to a stop and running and supports should be heavy and stable, so they do not tip over. Encourage the baby if it falls in his still and motion tests, keep trying. Let him doing enough space and praise your baby for success. The baby learns by trying out and repeating movements and further inspired by your praise.

Show the baby picture books and read to your child much before. Which promotes the language development of your baby.


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Screening U6 - 10 to 12 months of age

Between the 10th and 12th month of pediatrician examines whether your child has developed age-appropriate in terms of movement and speech. Your baby should sit, crawl and can stand with assistance, and take the first steps on the hand. It should respond to familiar sounds and be able to speak the first words.
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