Baby Development: The baby in the seventh month

The baby's immune system has now developed to the extent that the acquired in the womb immunity gradually decreases. Your child loves noise and shows clear interest in pulp and solid food. How can you promote it now.

Movement and motor skills

Baby Development: 7th month

Turning in both directions should not be a problem for your baby end of the seventh month.

In the prone position, it may, if it is supported by the arms, grab with one hand for something. Lying can grab with both hands simultaneously an object and give it up easily from hand to hand.

Your baby's muscles strong evolves this month, so it can sit shortly unassisted seven months. If your baby relies on his hands and legs, it can arbitrarily shift his weight on one or the other arm in this quadruped. In addition, it rocks back and forth (= rocking) like in this position.

With your help, your baby may already have a few seconds before his knees buckle. If you provide your baby with your feet on solid ground, it goes into a crouch to then repel the same. Babies of this age love the bouncing!

Many babies try first forward movement in the prone position by pulling with the arms forward. With much practice, you can crawl a little forward with seven months already then.
The menu is varied

If you have not yet introduced solid food, you should do so now. Fruit and cereal is particularly suitable for babies seven months.

You will notice that your baby also increasingly interested in your food. You can leave small portions of it and let it cost him now. So it gets to know different tastes.


From apple to M such as melon: This delicious finger food your child comes to the taste.

A spoon and drinking cups with handles can also hold the baby already and independently drink from the cup.


How much must drink a baby? - We'll tell it to you and also to answer nine questions for drinking in babies.

Deal, playing and promoting the 7th month

Your little darling only interested in everything that happens around him. He prefers now wants to reach for all, where he comes ran. Promote the development of your baby by leaving it as much freedom as possible to explore the surrounding area. Linking it dangerous things out of reach. To support his desire to move, use his curiosity and make a toy something beyond his reach. To animate your baby to seals and crawling.

Baby playing with rattle

make music, love all babies.

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Your baby is now learning the relationship between action and result. That is, it is understood gradually that it if it shakes the rattle is, noise. Or that if it presses the button on the toy, a dog barks. Exciting toys are therefore still all kinds of things with which your baby may make sounds themselves. But even simple household items such as spoons, pots and yogurt pots researched your baby prefers.

are important to your baby at this age daily rituals that structure his daily life. It takes the daily routine to gain confidence.

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