Baby Development: The baby in the 6th month

In the sixth month, the infantile reflexes develop gradually declining. Your sweetheart now grow already determined the first teeth. And if your baby wants, you can now introduce complementary foods.

Baby Development: 6 months

Muscle movement and coordination

Your baby is becoming increasingly mobile. Strong neck, arm and back muscles permit turning now without much effort. In the prone position can be based with six months stretched forward arms to the hands.

If you offer your baby the outstretched hands, it tries to rear seats. If you then pull it and bring to a halt, it pollutes the feet with all his body weight.

Your child tried to pull himself up on furniture and objects. It is based on his outstretched arms and bends his knees. In this position, the baby rocking back and forth, thus making the first movements for crawling.

Your baby can see six months in three dimensions. By the spatial vision now are placed on the course for the Erkrabbelung and commission of the environment. The coordination of eyes and hands is so far developed that takes the baby with both hands consciously and purposefully for objects and these can be from one to the other hand. It can drop things well and resume.

First teeth and complementary feeding

The first teeth in the baby

Since the first teeth look on!

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May show up at your baby now the first teeth. It may therefore be whiny and restless. An (cooling) teething rings can live out his chewing and increased Beißlust during teething. Be careful from the start to a healthy dental care for your baby.

If your child is already showing interest in Breinahrung, you can introduce complementary feeding end of the 5th or the beginning of the 6th month. The sucking reflex of your baby should now also back so far developed that it can be fed with a spoon. The first solid food is milk and Gemüsebreis suitable in the evening as a substitute for breastfeeding or bottle feed. Your baby quickly developed preferences for certain tastes.


Here's tasty and healthy baby food recipes that taste your baby and do his digestion good.

Incipient development of emotional intelligence

Another growth spurt makes the 6th month that your baby is showing more and more feelings. Above all, joy and anger can express with gestures, facial expressions and different sounds. Your baby can recognize six months also how other people feel. If another child is crying, for example, it is possible that your baby is joining the. So your child's emotional development begins.

The fear of strangers towards other people will be getting stronger.
Promote and games

Your baby is most like the whole time with you and deliberately creates sounds by your attention. It goes gradually been the rules for dialogue: When you talk listen to the baby to you and responds with different speech sounds. You can promote the language development of your baby through reading and conversation playfully.

Like most is your baby interaction games, such as cuckoo and hiding. Also romp with papa is at a premium.

Father throws baby up

Romp with dad - for many babies a lot of fun!

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Otherwise, your child likes to play with his feet, and with things that make sounds. Rattle, rubber duck, toy telephone, toys with wheels, doors and other moving parts now offer exciting employment.

Your baby no longer put on the 6th month everything in his mouth, but viewed and touched the objects intense. Work out his fine motor skills and coordination by back with him toys and men's oaks.
Screening U5 - 6 to 7 months

Between 6 and 7 months, the U5 for your baby is pending. However, his physical development is studied. The pediatrician checks to see if the baby has developed age-appropriate, especially in the motor skills and dexterity. He playfully tests as RESPOND to noises and speech and whether it wants to put on. Your baby should by itself make sounds and be able to turn from the abdomen to the back.

Additional property the next vaccination for your baby is when you've decided.
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