Baby Development: The baby in the 8th month

Your little explorer begins more and more to explore its surroundings. It stretches and crawls. In addition, the fear of strangers your baby now reached its peak. How you should handle it.

Baby Development: 8th month

Movement and motor skills

Your baby's muscles to develop. Most babies can sit reasonably safe with eight months already without any help or independently from the lying to the sitting position. While sitting top opens and closes like drawers and doors and does away with preference shelves and flower pots.

Also the quadruped should now not be a problem for your baby. It stretches and stretches and crawls to get to an object. The really neat thing is not still ahead however.

When a toy falls down, the baby follows the subject with the eyes. If it wants to grab something, it uses for the pincer grip (thumb and forefinger).
The fear of strangers at the peak

With eight months, the fear of strangers the baby is at the height of why behavior is often referred to as "eight-month anxiety". Go left with it and request a stranger from being flashed friends and relatives to accept the completely normal behavior of your baby. Do not force if it does not want your baby to contact. Soon there will be another human being more open and confident.

Baby Development: fear of strangers with eight months

Typical of the present time: the baby fremdelt.

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interact with the baby and encourage the baby in the 8th month

The baby communicates with you kicking and articulated by sounds and babbling. The importance of known words (eg. As "No)" can gradually understand. It knows its name and will protest loudly if you do something that it does not fit.

Your baby is trying to imitate all the adults. It learns through imitation and experience with other people. Talk a lot with the baby, which is used for language development. Let's Eat themselves, even when the times are a big mess there as well. To promote the independence of your child.

Since your baby is now becoming more mobile, you should at least now make the apartment childproof. Sockets, drawers, shelves or flower pots should be adequately secured, so that the baby does not hurt. Among other furniture should be upholstered with sharp edges, corridors and stairs are secured with a grid. Make sure no dangerous objects that are within reach of your baby.


How child safe is your home?

Poll childproof apartment

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Have you thought of all the dangers for your child in the household or are some of the commonly recommended protective measures for a childproof home unnecessarily?

We want to know: How child safe is your home? Take part in the survey and see what other parents have responded!


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