The baby does not sleep? What you can do

Help the baby does not sleep! Because, unfortunately, all parents have to go through, at least in the first few months. But some babies have more problems with falling asleep. These are possible causes. The baby will not sleep and you are only a picture of misery? Welcome to the sleepless parallel world as parents. Yes, that was not edifying response that you had hoped for. But so sad the affected for every mom and every dad may seem, in the first months unfortunately that is completely normal. Newborns usually never sleep more than three or four hours at a time - no matter what time it is straight. Babies just do not stick to our circadian rhythm. But they can not also. You must, more precisely actually learn to sleep the night sleeping only. When will the asleep succeed, you can read about in more detail here:

Unfortunately, some babies have independent of this learning process trouble falling asleep: Even if it is tired, the baby will not sleep. In very rare cases, the causes are organic. Nevertheless, there can be phases over again, where babies come because of illness or because of a growth spurt is very difficult to rest. A good example is the teething. Even good sleeper then again at night more often awake.

Trouble falling asleep

So it can be quite different causes why babies sometimes do not want to sleep. Therefore, there is no single answer to what you can do. You must go on their own causes. After all, you know your baby best. However, it is already the case that many Babies with sleep problems dysregulation to have. That is, they can calm is difficult to itself and can not easily switch to activity of sleep. The environmental stimuli waking hours are still present and have to be processed. Remember that your baby is very cranky after an active day, you should Shielding definitely further stimuli before bed Place. Now go all with rest and take some extra time to cuddle. Best in a darkened room with soft lighting. It may also help that depend Mobile temporarily (if you have one). This draws your little one just back from the essentials: sleeping.

The baby does not sleep: possible causes

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basically fixed Bedtime always a good idea: Babies love routine. In the evening, but even during the day. "When a baby is very restless and can hardly sleep, irritable shielding is very important. A very uniform daily routine with walking and fixed times for playing and bathing can help him, "says the psychologist Ulrich Freiburg Rabenschlag. This course is not about to go through with the various activities right on time, but to accustom the baby to the return of the operations. "Familiar creates trust," adds neurobiologist Gerald Hüther.
Good bonding is crucial

This is also true for the sleeping environment. Babies sleep best in a familiar environment where they feel safe and secure. In the first period that is as close as possible with mom and dad. This is partly because a child is only about ten months to be able to understand that things and Mums (!) Also exist when they just are not in view. One possible cause for falling asleep your baby can therefore be simply missing nearby. Therefore, the recommendation is often pronounced the baby in the first few months, especially at night in a Crib in master bedroom sleep to let. Assuming you do not smoke here, because that in turn can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

That too can spit babies very well help falling asleep. When swaddling babies are wrapped tightly in a blanket. That reminds them of the security of the womb and gives them so that stability and security. Logically, that it is also easier to come to rest and sleep.

Like to a science is made from the Therma baby sleeping. But every baby has different needs and therefore ultimately also other problems when it comes to the topic of sleep. Therefore, we encourage you to try. Find out what works best for you and your baby. After all, you know it best.

On the next page you will find even like the sleep patterns of the baby and his needs change gradually an overview. How much sleep babies need principle, which you can read here ➤ How much sleep does a baby?

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