Teething: Bad mood and boundless Kaudrang

The breaching of the teeth makes some babies to create much. We give tips on how you can help your baby during teething and how to maintain baby's first teeth from the start right.

When the baby gets first teeth?

The milk teeth are created before birth in the jawbone. About from 6 months begin then break through in batches. In some children, the first tooth shows even earlier, others smile it completely toothless until 8 months.

Mostly the lower central incisors, which are seen first. Then follow the upper and lateral cutting teeth. The jaw and canines usually come last. No later than the third anniversary, the primary dentition is then complete. 

Teething in babies: Symptoms and delusion

If the teeth push through the gums, makes to create the many babies: The gums clamped, presses, itches and hurts. These signs could indicate that your baby is teething:

Baby teething

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• your baby bites and chews on everything around,
    what it gets into the fingers.
• The saliva is flowing straight into streams and
    runs from the mouth.
• Flushed cheeks, especially on the side where
    A new dental announces.
• The gums are red and swollen.
    The baby often rubs around it.
• In conjunction with these symptoms are
    an increased body temperature and
    loose stools possible.
• The baby is in phases very tearful and
    dissatisfied, which unfortunately also the one or
    another restless night brings.

Contrary to popular belief, more serious symptoms such as fever and diarrhea in babies, however, are no normal side effects teething. Dr. Hermann Josef Kahl, Federal spokesman for the Professional Association of Child and Adolescent Physicians explains: "During teething babies can be whiny and get elevated temperature, they drool more and rub their irritated gums. But blisters in the mouth, loss of appetite and diarrhea are not the consequences of tooth eruption. "Rather had to suspect the presence of an infection, which coincides just happen with the eruption of the teeth. Dr. Therefore bald advises precaution to Visit to the pediatrician, should occur in your baby serious and persistent symptoms.

By the way: Not all babies have problems with the teeth. Sometimes parents discover the first or another tooth by chance without that your baby suffered considerably under the breakthrough. If your baby does not belong to these lucky people, we have some tips for you to remember how you can help your baby's teething.
What helps the baby teething

Teething: What helps the baby

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    A massage the gums do many babies now good. Simply use a clean finger or baby dental care fingerlings. To alleviate the pain the possibility to rub the gums with cool chamomile tea. Also, the cooled tea from 5 cloves which boiled in 200 ml of water for about ten minutes, can alleviate teething pain.

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    can bite

    The around chewing on harder objects also acts like a massage for the oppressive and itchy gums. The best pollution-free teethers or wet washcloths are suitable for it. Slightly chilled they reduce blood circulation, relieve pain and inhibit inflammation possible. Even a piece of bread crust or chilled fennel and carrot pieces can serve as Zahnungshelfer. but do not let your baby so that unattended, it could swallow.

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    orris root

    The violet root has an analgesic effect and is recommended by some midwives as a teething. The only problem: the hygiene. On the wood, germs can form quickly. If you still want to try out the roots, wash and boil them regularly with water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Dispose of cracked and broken roots and no longer offer to bite!

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    Suffers her baby very, analgesic and anti-inflammatory Zahnungsgels can provide relief. Seek advice to the pediatrician or in the pharmacy as to the correct ointment and important application notes.

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    Some moms swear by homeopathy for teething. In question mainly because the drug comes Chamomilla (chamomile).

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    In salivate when teething neck and chest are soaked in an instant. Scarves and bibs ensure that bodysuits and shirts remain dry.


When babies are teething, they chew their relentless drive to something. Teething rings are as welcome toys. A selection.

Which of these tips will help your baby during teething, try best. After all, no child is like the other. Before one but pediatricians warn clear: Stay away from amber necklaces! Such a chain does not belong to the baby's neck, because it could strangle it or choke on it when loose parts. Even the supposedly analgesic effect by vibrations and the release of essential oils while wearing is not scientifically verifiable. therefore grab you prefer to other Zahnungshelfern. are Ever Distraction and tenderness certainly the best sedative for any teething baby.

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