Baby Size Table: All baby sizes at a glance

If you want to give baby clothes, one is often faced with the question of the correct size. Especially if you were a has no children, you know each other with size in these tiny dimensions hardly made. Evidence give as the official size chart for baby clothes, baby shoes and baby hats.

Size Chart Baby

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Size Chart for baby clothes (0-24 months)

Age of the child height (in cm)
       clothing size

Frühchen 38 to 38

Frühchen 38-44 44

0-1 months 40 - 50 50

1 - 2 Months 51-56 56

2 - 3 Months 57-62 62

4 - 6 months 63-68 68

7-9 months 69-74 74

10 - 12 Months 75-80 80

13 - 18 Months 81-86 86

➤ Poll: How much are basics such as bodysuits, bodysuits and Co.?

This depends entirely on what you put on the purchase value. Individual Rompers, even in good organic quality you get from just about ten euros. If you like it exclusive, but can also be no less than 100 euros for babies onesie spend. Especially pregnant (and rightly so!) Euphoric Soon Mums like to be the baby shopping times tempted to spend a little more money for especially sweet parts. Do not let take too! But remember that your newly born baby in the first few weeks of life and -monaten incredibly fast growing: What penultimate week has super fit, can already tense belly of babies or have short legs today. Often just the parts from the initial worn only a few times before they are too small. Therefore our advice: Put in the first few months of your baby prefers to multipart savings packs, because the parts are cheaper than individually purchased in a set.

What really matters in baby clothes, we have summarized for you: Functional baby clothing - Checklist 

Size Chart for Baby socks and baby shoes (0-24 months)

Age of the child foot length (in cm)
       shoe size

0-3 months 10 16

3 - 6 Months 10.5 17

6 - 9 11 months 18

9 - 12 Months 11.5 19

12-15 months 12.3 20

15 - 18 Months 13 21

18-21 months 13.5 22

21 - 24 Months 14 23

➤ Poll: What must be for the baby when buying shoes?

First of all, at the time. Because before babies can not walk safely, they need no solid shoes. Until then there is nothing better than being barefoot or wearing non-slip socks go for the foot health of your baby. This trains the foot muscles and balance. Sturdy shoes could in this sensitive period the foot of your child narrow the still soft bones deform. That's why you do without sturdy shoes before your baby is safe at eignenen legs go. Before that rich socks, later soft and well scrollable Lauflernschuhe.

Is it time for a shoe, you should have your baby when you buy it. In good baby shoes, the insole can be removed. So you ask your baby out and see whether the shoe on the length and width fits her or not. Shoes should be 12 to 17 millimeters longer than the foot of the baby. If your baby has no patience for long fittings, customize before buying a template to: Make sure your baby on a piece of paper and draw the outline of your feet on a piece of paper to and cut the shapes out. With the template you can at least ever make a preselection, what shoes are tried on, and which are not. Trying killed the little ones but not come around then, finally, the shoe also has to fit the instep.

Look for breathable material and a flexible sole, with your baby while running can roll well. Read more: 10 tips for buying children's shoes
Size table for baby hats and baby hats (0-24 months)

Aolder child's head circumference (cm)

Baby hats: Size Chart

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Frühchen 33-35

0 - 2. 35-37

3 - 4 37-39

4 - 5 39-41

5 - 6 41-43

6 - 9 43-45

9-12 45-47

12-18 47-49

18-24 49-51


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