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What leaps makes my baby in the first year? How can I support it during growth spurts? An overview.

Eight growth spurts in 14 months

On the first day of life a baby does not look right, a year later tried at the first steps - in this first year of life the little baby's body is truly amazing. but the motor, emotional and intellectual development is not continuous but in spurts. In these growth spurts your child makes almost a leap forward at once.

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In the first 14 months your baby is experiencing fewer than eight growth spurts. As long as takes a phase may be different from your baby - sometimes there are only a few days, but also up to four weeks are quite normal.
As a growth spurt manifest itself?

Such a growth spurt is real work and a bit stressful for the baby. And that's why the minis are often tearful than usual, sleep restless and cry more. It may also be that your child is more sensitive to its environment. After all, it must be the new skills even before "understand" learn to use and accurate.

What your baby during these stressful periods need above all is closeness and security - that is a lot of body contact. This calms and gives your little ones feel "Mama is here and with me", Imagine a to the needs and do not despair, though time cuddling can not always calm the baby. For the bright spot is usually: After recovering from growth spurt your baby shows you what new capabilities it has earned.
When the development thrusts coming? 
First growth spurt - Week 5

Your baby is awake and takes its environmental was stronger. The first smile, the first joyful Gluckser - this first growth spurt shows is from the newborn an active, attentive baby who becomes interested from day to day more for its environment. Now the lacrimal gland is fully developed - your baby can cry real tears. This phase is often accompanied by more strenuous nights: Your Small monitored frequently and is hungry or simply looking for contact with mom or dad. And during the day it may be that it cries frequently, it is difficult to soothe.
➤ tip for the first growth spurt: Carry your baby much on the arm around and give him a lot of attention now. Because your baby now notice it much of its environment, it is also depleted faster - They follow his pace and treat him enough time to recover and process the many new impressions.

2. growth spurt - Week 8

The second growth spurt is characterized by a big jump in the training of the senses: Your baby now hear better and see more clearly - its taste and smell are evolving rapidly. Many babies begin now with the sucking and be calm through the first pacifier. Also new are the first feelings of boredom: In the ever-lengthening awakenings, it will be busy and sometimes protested loudly when bored. Making A Face, tell stories, also a games sheet is slowly interesting because babies can now see better and possibly able to lift her head already, many new interaction possibilities. Hands and feet are at this time babies dearest toy!
Many babies fremdeln after this second growth spurt more than before, strange faces are first viewed with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism.
➤ tip for the second growth spurt: Safety and security are important to help your child learn about the world without fear and can conquer. Where: Too much love there is not for babies!
➤ favorite toy: Mobile, music box, stuffed animal

3. growth spurt - as young as 3 months

The third growth spurt is a very big development step. And also a particularly beautiful! For now, the social behavior developed: Your baby can respond to your mood. Smile it to be, smiling back there. With the curiosity of the range of movement is growing: Your baby will rotate on your stomach and lift your head to miss as little as possible. Struggle is now one of his favorite pastimes. The most fun is the naked, for example, after changing soiled nappies on the changing table.
To the delight of Mom and Dad, the junior also a (small!) Can now employ while with himself. He practices at this time the gripping and holding. Many children start at this stage everything is tangible to put in your mouth. And babies from the third month of life discover the different ways to make sounds for themselves: times loud, sometimes quiet, crows screech - Babies imagination knows no limits here.
➤ tip for the third growth spurt: Now is the right time to introduce fixed times and rituals. so that your baby gets more guidance and security.
➤ favorite toy: Toys that make sounds, e.g. Rattle.

4. growth spurt - 3 to 4 months of age

This growth spurt is one of the longest, it can easily take five to six weeks. At this stage, your child develops away from the helpless baby to confident toddler. An important step is the understanding of actions: It tracks the rolling ball with eyes and already has an inkling that the hands that disappear behind the back, are not gone forever. Now it's time to play cuckoo games and finger plays!
Your baby exercises without ceasing gripping and put anything that can catch it in his mouth (oral phase). For small parts should be taken from now on, be careful!
And: The nights may be restless again. 
➤ tip for the fourth growth spurt: Now you can start slowly and carefully with the introduction of complementary foods. When the nights are very restless and demanding, the family bed is worth considering!
➤ favorite toy: First books, toys for the bathtub, play mat, mirror


We explain here the typical signals in the body language of your baby and be a little translator.

5. growth spurt - 6 to 7 months

Now babies are especially sweet! They begin to babble, make "winkewinke" and begin to clap. They are becoming the master of it, turn the toy box and remove again. Note: By now it is time to make the home safe for children. Babies get at this stage any idea of ​​cause and effect: When I press the button, the siren of the police car go. And if I throw down the cup, there's an exciting sound. And mom picks him up again. Exciting!
Your child is learning to distinguish feelings and to show them also: The joy when Dad comes home, the rage when turning over on his stomach does not work out as planned, the disappointment when the Comforter hour is finished.
If your baby strangers has been very receptive to, could change that now. And, unfortunately, be deemed "foreigners" also fast times grandmother, grandfather or godmother ...
➤ Tips for the fifth growth spurt: Talk a lot with your child! It already understands more than you think and is very eager to learn. very first picture books and finger plays that you can not be repeated often enough are important in this stage of development.
➤ favorite toy: Stacking Cups, Ball, boxes for loading and clearing

6. Growth spurt - from the age of 9 months

The time of crawling has come in many children: your baby turns over on his stomach, trying to bring the legs in place. And sometimes crawling works at this age also quite good. No question: sport makes you hungry! You will notice that it has more hunger - and more desire for new flavors. Perhaps your child develops at this stage to a "serious Little Scientists": The food is meticulously examined, the neighbor's dog persistently observed parroted the sounds of Mama. An important achievement: Your child now discovers the categories into which the world is ordered the Great: There are small things and large, soft and hard - and a cat is a cat, whether they can be seen as picture in picture book or whether it is a stuffed animal or even a real cat.
➤ tip for the sixth growth step: Your baby now understands the word "No!" - time with the very first education to begin. After all, your baby will start now quickly explore limits and to adjust to the test. But do not worry: education in this first step primarily means: Clear announcements and consistency in the decisions you make.

➤ favorite toy: Magazines for tearing, balls, building blocks, toy cars

7. growth spurt - end of the 11th month of life

a no brainer and sitting is crawling now also. So it is time to look for new challenges out. could climb to the hobby now! Wide stairs or cushions mountains are for the ideal training ground.
A great achievement in this phase: your baby learns to perceive sequences and to follow: When the sand in the bucket should, it must be first loaded on the shovel. And if you want to walk, you have to pick up the shoes and then tighten. are exciting now many, many activities of daily life: dressing, brushing teeth, Dusting, pick up things.
Then there are the first tantrums that give you a small taste of the difficult age.
➤ tip for the seventh growth spurt: Repeats security. Your child is penetrating all layers of life, because it is important that any new activities are practiced over and over again. Include your child as much as possible in your everyday life: everyday handles are particularly suitable for this if you stir a cake, your baby gets its own (empty) mixing bowl and a whisk. also eliminate the washing machine and Dusting makes a couple more fun - and your child has plenty of opportunities themselves undergo things. That's good for self-confidence!
➤ favorite toy: Sand toys, doll, stuffed animal, building blocks
8. growth spurt - 13 to 14 months

Laughing and crying are currently close together. This is because your child is mastering a great leap: It is now clearly becoming the toddler. Usually it begins at this stage with running: First it pulls herself up by furniture and gropes forward cautiously. Soon it will take the first steps on shaky legs. Another major achievement: Your child can now unwind Various "programs", although not always the same need to. Tightening can begin, for example, with the trouser or even with the T-shirt. Again, the world is a bit bigger, frustration and tantrums are (unfortunately) inevitable. Among the favorite activities of your child now all the processes are added: Place the stuffed animal to bed, unpack the shopping, playing hide and seek etc.
➤ Tip for the eighth growth spurt: Your baby is now of the opinion: Sleeping is overrated! Life is much too exciting to deal with such unnecessary activities. It is therefore important that you provide enough rest. Helpful are sleep rituals here so your child recovered after an exciting day can come to rest.
➤ favorite toy: Everyday items (phone, purse, hand brush), toy cars, Duplo bricks, the first pins

Our Recommended reading: "Oh dear, I'm growing! Of the eight "jumps" You can deal with it in the mental development of your child during the first 14 months, and as" Hetty van de Rijt and Frans X. Plooij, published by mosaic. The book is available from!

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