Face painting: templates for Carnival & amp; carnival

"And what are you going?" - Children make up at Carnival particularly like. Whether as a tiger or Pirate - we have step-by-step instructions for you to face painting.

Face painting: 20+ templates with step-by-step instructions

Face painting: Templates and tips

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What would be Carnival, Halloween or trim parties without colorful painted children's faces? We therefore have many Super-fast make-up instructions for you. Whether it is enchanting as the Princess and the fairy, or brave as the comic book heroes Batman and Spiderman - there is something for everyone! But before that's even tips for face painting.

read tips well? Then it can be losgeschminkt. All our face painting templates can be found here in the overview. 

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Clown, Indians and Co .: The face painting classic

Face painting: Clown. Further guidance on familie.de.

Face painting: Indians. Further guidance on familie.de.

No carnival and not a circus without clown! The most popular costume for adults and children, we have the perfect make-up manual. A classic among children costumes is the Indian. With us, you can now find a make-up instructions for a chief's son or a chief's daughter.

Face painting: pirate. Further guidance on familie.de.

pirates are daring, brave and strong. That many children want to slip foolish time in the role of their ocean-going heroes no wonder. Here are four video makeup tutorials for various pirates.

Face painting? A tremendous pleasure!

Face painting: mouse. Further guidance on familie.de.

Face painting: Cat. Further guidance on familie.de.

Children are transformed into carnival like in sweet or wild animals. this small little mouse succeed with white, pink and gray Carnival make-up in no time. But what would Jerry without Tom? Carnival costumes make a duo pretty good. Therefore, the mouse gets a sweet partner with claws. We show you six videos that will help you keep your children perfect for cat to make up.

Face painting: Leopard. Further guidance on familie.de.

Face painting: Tiger. Further guidance on familie.de

Or it may be a size larger? Also a leopard make-up easily and, with glitter highlights for the perfect look for carnival party. Just a little wild is it when a your child tiger-Face Make Up! That looks heavy but is actually quite simple. We will show you step by step how to do it.

Face painting butterfly

Face painting: Ladybird

Rather from the department girl makeup is the butterfly. Also is ruckzuck makeup and make little girls happy. Finally, the ladybug, should not be missing not at face painting. This make-up instructions is particularly suitable for small children, whether boy or girl.

Face painting: Rabbit

Here in pink, but is also in brown and gray: the bunny. By clicking on a picture you will learn how to make up this sweet Hoppler.

Fabulous makeup ideas for girls

Face painting: Fee

Face painting: Princess

Princess Lillifee is the best example: love Most girls fairies... and princesses! Fairy godmother, Blütenfee, Barbie fairy pink princess - that noble creature, it must be at Carnival for your daughter?

Creepy face painting templates

Face painting: Witch

Face painting: Vampire

No less a fairy tale but a lot scarier it goes to now. For the girls, we have a naughty witch with spider on his forehead, the Prince of Darkness, there's a make-up instructions for a bloodthirsty vampire.

Face painting: Werewolf


Face painting: Monster

Making its debut: Make-up instructions for a cool werewolf and a crazy green Monsterfatze! By clicking the image takes you directly to instructions.

Cool makeup ideas for kids

Face painting: Batman

Face painting: Spiderman

These two masked comic book heroes are characterized mainly by their huge courage ... and not least because of its cool superhero abilities. are therefore Batman and Spiderman especially in young boys a popular costume. No problem, we provide you with the right make-up instructions.

Face painting: Skylanders Eruptor

Face painting: Skylanders Wash Buckler

do you know her Skylanders? These are characters from the eponymous video game series. We have for you two make-up instructions for the crazy characters Eruptor and Wash Buckler.

Face painting: Darth Maul

Darth Maul will be a household real Star Wars fans. Who prefers the dark side of the Force, we suggest this make-up instructions!

Costumes, craft ideas, recipes and much more

... Please visit our topic page Carnival! Have you, for example, ever tried to bake donuts themselves? No problem with our recipe suggestion. Or are you still looking for chic costumes? We can provide you with tips and suggestions also. So have a look over!


It's carnival time is coming up and the costume is not fixed yet? Here you will find the most beautiful children costumes!

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