Make your own magic sand

What to buy for a lot of money, you can also easily make yourself: Magic sand.

Indoor sandbox with homemade magic sand

Magic Sand is a great alternative when it's out there too wet or too cold for sand Buddeleien. And a great way to be able sandeln also in the apartment. The great thing is namely: magic sand does not stick and leaves no trace. After the game, simply sweep up the remains, that's it!
With magic sand can be dug and shaped like conventional sand - it even keeps longer the form, because it does not dry out and disintegrate.

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make magic sand itself - what you need

● baby oil (alternatively sunflower oil)

● flour

● A large baking sheet
And so make magic sand ago

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Flour and oil in a ratio of 8: 1 mix: Eight cups flour on a cup oil. Or 16 cups of flour to two cups of oil. When in doubt, give again by kneading flour or sand to - and the sand-fun begin! You might want to spice up the magic sand with glitter or food coloring.

Our test showed: The magic sand is really quite easy to make - the "test children" were thrilled. And fascinated: For the indoor sand smells different, feels different and can be shaped better than in the sandbox.

Our recommendation: Use a large surface so the sand does not spread everywhere. Perfect is a mini-pool. After a few weeks the sand the cheesing starts - then it's time to dispose of it and to ensure supplies.

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