Pregnant after period – is that possible?

"I got my days in the pregnancy." That can not be. Why pregnancy despite period is not possible and which bleeding are normal: the facts check!

Is it safe? Biologically impossible!

Pregnant after period - Is that possible?

Pregnant after period - is that even possible?

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Although many women report them, to have far their periods in the pregnancy into it, this can not be purely biological. Because pregnancy and menstruation could not be more different and mutually exclusive.

During the period of the endometrium, which has built up during the cycle is rejected with a blood flow. It is no longer needed. Exactly these uterine lining is used but in case of fertilization, for in it the egg nests one. Slight bleeding at the time of implantation, however often occurs - and is also often confused with normal menstruation, although it weaker and usually shows up as spotting. Why it bleeds at all? After fertilization, the blood vessels of the uterus enlarge in preparation for pregnancy - they can be injured when embedding.

Bleeding not uncommon in early pregnancy

Now you might think: Well, the Einnistungsblutung is a single circulation - but what about the women who get the period despite pregnancy progresses? The clear answer is: Again, it is Not to menstruation. Especially in early pregnancy slight vaginal bleeding often occur - and are first no cause for concern.

Cause is usually hormonal changes, the body adjusts to the pregnancy and smoothly "set up" to everything, it just can bleed sometimes. This bleeding can also occur cyclically, so that women easily mistaken for the period. But they are much weaker in the case, usually there are only spotting or a few drops. The distinction of bleeding in early pregnancy and period can be difficult if previously hormonally (for example, the pill) was prevented, as this reduces the duration and intensity of menstrual bleeding often.

As already mentioned, light bleeding during pregnancy are harmless in most cases. But if the bleeding is more or stops pain or additional symptoms, an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage should be excluded. Going to the doctor is then absolutely necessary. The same applies if you are very worried.

Pregnant after pill?

There are women who become pregnant despite taking the pill. With a Pearl Index of 0.1 to 0.9 (statistically is not even one out of 100 women get pregnant within one year), the hormonal contraceptives very safe - so it is unlikely that the effect of the pill "failed." Most of the "Tropi-children" are conceived on the basis of intake errors - say the pill is not taken regularly. Also, certain medications like antibiotics and St. John's wort can reduce the effect or cancel. Violent gastrointestinal infections with vomiting and diarrhea are another element of uncertainty. In all these cases, the body is not supplied with the sufficient amount of hormones, ovulation is not suppressed in doubt. The result: a pregnancy. 

And what about the bleeding?
Suppose you are pregnant after pill. of course you do not expect it and take it as usual remains a. Then it can come in pill break a slight bleeding or spotting. The reason: the bleeding in the pill break are not strictly periodic bleeding, but so-called withdrawal bleeding. Because by the pill the hormone levels in the body is kept constant. Ovulation is suppressed and therefore the endometrium less structured as when a prospective cycle. In taking break hormone supply suddenly stops (because of withdrawal bleeding) - bleeding occurs. The period under the pill is almost not "real", but artificial.

If you take the pill and are pregnant, but do not know yet - this is not optimal. But also no reason to panic headless: Studies have shown that the risk of malformation of the baby is not higher than under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, of course, is true: In the absence of withdrawal bleeding or other symptoms that indicate a pregnancy, you should take a pregnancy test early or go to the gynecologist.


Breast tenderness, nausea and Co.- these symptoms can indicate a pregnancy.


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