The right time for the second child

The questions of whether and when the second child is to come, employ almost all parents. A lucky guarantee is there not - a few clear answers on the other hand already

2nd child

2nd child changed fundamentally lifestyle

Through the first-born you are a couple with a child, the second child leaves a permanently become a family. In fact, can During the first child run along anyway 2nd child changes the life principle. Two children can not "park" as a matter of course at Omi or neighbor you. to organize day care for two children can be a challenge. also prepare for the 2nd child
Families with two children feel most satisfied in general. This resulted in a study conducted by the State Institute for Family Research (ifb) in Bamberg:

The time to get involved very intensively during pregnancy to child, often does not stay with the second child. "When the first child mothers are cared for and admired. The second pregnancy is self-evident and runs more on the side ", says the expert. Pregnancy Yoga and preparatory courses allow many second-mothers therefore fail. It is very important that mothers also active in children 2 to the birth to prepare. In their courses the women wish for two things: more peace and a stronger contact with the unborn.

Overview: The right time for the second child

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