What everything will be different the second child

A second child, the whole family with new challenges. We show what easier - and what is more difficult.

If the second child comes, it soon becomes clear: Now everything is different! For the difference whether one or two children in the house, is huge.
but the good news is that much is not difficult, but thanks to a wealth of experience and much routine Alltagsproblemchen easier. Solved the Schniefnase first child hectic pediatrician visits from, it is rather perceived as the second normal state - at least in winter. 

What is easier the second child

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    Parents are more experienced and calm, know the essential handles, aches and pains and crises are sovereign boundaries more clearly and make decisions set easily. And they avoid the typical "debut error",

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    The couple has through the first child already "family" changed and learned to take into account needs of a small people. As a second child does not mean a big change more.

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    View from outside

    "Good tips" of relatives and friends, parents no longer need to fear. The first educational decisions are ultimately the fundamental, and have already taken place with the first child, answered all the basic questions of breastfeeding on family bed until seeding. You want to know how other parents decide here? Join our survey "Breast or bottle? A cot or family bed?" and you see how other mothers acting life with baby.

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    Children learn from children

    The second child experiences education by what exemplify parents and older sibling. A classification easier for him and it can run not even the risk of being packed as many firstborn in cotton wool.

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    The parents claim to be perfect, has already resolved more serenity has taken hold, for the benefit of all - even the youngest family member.

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    much is "one fell swoop", Shopping for a longer, Storytelling, washing clothes - in many everyday things, it makes little difference when the family gets bigger.

So far, so good - but there are just as many arguments to prove the exact opposite: If the second child so everything more difficult, expensive, and unfair in a sense? The following no answers are each supplemented by concrete proposals on how it can sometimes work well. Because one thing is clear: For every problem situation there is a solution, and families are usually strong enough to cope with the problem.
What is more difficult second child

● Every child is different: No child is the same - and your second will have very different properties than the first. Number one is a good-humored bundle of joy who has slept almost from the beginning? Then number two is perhaps a restless night spirit who cries a lot and wants to be carried.
➤ What to do? Walk a separately to the specific characteristics of each child. Each individual is very unique in its problems - but also in the diversity of its possibilities. We know that the cost of time, energy and nerves ...

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● Older Siblings: the older brothers and sisters must be the "Entthronungstrauma" cope and react jealous of the new competition in the house. The need to favor and divide love, provides new and much greater challenges to parents - especially if the "Size" the role of "great" will accept not and strife between the children is inevitable.
➤ What to do? Take (preferably alternating) time periods that you provide only the older sibling is available, let it also participate in the handling of the little ones. And tell him if possible before the birth of the brother or sister that there will be times in life where it can not be the focus.

● power struggle: The younger siblings must learn early to assert itself, and makes corresponding clearly and carefully by all means up. Thus, it takes rather more time on the part of the parents, as is the case with the first child.
➤ What to do? You will be just a first to a second child with all its pleasant and less pleasant qualities like on that. but do not make it easy to add the burden for both children the mistake. Enjoy the "Adventure family" with skin and hair; then you do not add up, but are simply part of the whole.

● Organization: The organizational effort for any kind of family business increases significantly.
➤ What to do? Lower your standards - already a common walk in the woods can be a great experience for all. To do this, your body clock for a few years in order to "family time". Although it sounds brutal: The next romantic weekend trip for two to Paris is only realistic if the children are old enough to stay for a few days at grandma and grandpa or good friends.

offset ● Interests: Different children have different interests, there is no justice in the distribution of attention - you need to be aware.
➤ What to do? Do not put yourself under pressure, one hundred percent fair education does not exist. Avoid definitely play off the children against each other. But Define ground rules that apply to all children.

● New incidents: With each child the risk of new incidents rises: accidents, illness, sleepless nights, and later conflicts in kindergarten, school, friends ...
➤ What to do? Stay left. Of course rises with two children responsibility. But with each child, the number of beautiful and funny moments increases. 

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