The best lines for Father’s Day

Father's Day is all super dads should be celebrated and enjoy a bit of her husband-being. Funny and generous Father's Day sayings there with us. And when is Father's Day the same again?

AS Father's Day: Father's Day Beautiful sayings

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If Mama's bans, then I'll go up to Papa. It is true that fathers are parents, but they are just but a bit different. they leave the rigor and Consistent in education like to mothers and enjoy instead the carefree romp and play with their children. And Father's Day is celebrated quite different from the Mother's Day. Man (n) traditionally celebrates on Ascension Day - this year on May 14 - his manhood and enjoy the feeling of being a dad the superhero his family. But Papas have also made it really very clever:

Papa you're really smart!
Mama take your wife,
then fetch even me,
no one is as smart as you!

Father's Day, we have of course not only collected those funny sayings, but also what that really come from the heart. Just for the best superheroes in the world: Papa!

Father's Day sayings for super dads

  • 1 / 10th

    Super Dad

    You are one who can do everything,
    you are the strongest man for me.
    You can carry me on shoulders
    and chase me through meadows.
    You can set broken toys
    and tell many stories.
    In gratitude for everything I will give you
    a big kiss from me!

    - unknown

  • 2/10

    For the best dad in the world

    I always like you, every day,
    but today I wanted to tell you
    you're the best dad in the world.
    Someone like you are there for no amount of money

    - unknown

  • 3/10

    Listen up!

    Dear Dad, listen to me:
    no one is as loving as you can!
    So I give you in the end;
    a very, very, big kiss!
    - unknown

  • 4/10

    As much as I love you

    Dear Papa!
    I lieb` on tight so
    as the tree its AEST,
    as the sky its star,
    degree so I got you like!
    - unknown

  • 5/10

    How fortunate

    Our Dad, what happiness
    's our pride and joy.
    Always happy and cheerful,
    plays with us Hoppe Reiter.
    I want him the present
    enter now.
    High should live our Dad!

    - unknown

  • 6/10

    Papa is wonderful

    Dad You're wonderful,
    always all there for us.
    If I need you you're here,
    your love you give me!
    Your tips are really wonderful.
    Father Knows Best, that is clear!

    - unknown

  • 7/10

    You have me!

    Dear Daddy - Rejoice!
    Because you've got me to happiness.
    Without me it would be not a good day for you!

    - unknown

  • 8/10

    Papa Bear

    My dad is my favorite teddy bear and I love him very much.

    - unknown

  • 9/10

    Of children's heart

    I were quite large and rich and strong,
    and had lots and lots of money
    because I bought 'you for Father's Day
    certainly the world.
    And if I'm still a child,
    am also much too small,
    drum add 'I am Father's Day
    only this one card.
    - unknown

  • 10/10

    By my side

    Leading you go ahead of me,
    stay here by my side
    and yet always standing behind me.
    For that I thank you Father.

    - unknown

Did you know it. Even these guys who cared for the European Football Championship 2016 for plenty of excitement are already Papas: We also say to them, Happy Father's Day!


We are looking forward to the football extravaganza EM 2016 and tell you which players the current DFB team are already proud Papis.

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