Mother’s Day poems and Mother’s Day Sayings

Every mother is pleased with a small gift, such as a set Promised poem or a Mother's Day saying on a map. Therefore, we present here our favorite Mother's Day poems and Mother's Day sayings.

Mother's Day poems

Mother's Day poems

every mom a beautiful Mother's Day poem is pleased.

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(James Krüss)

Mom, Mom, it's time!
Today I will give you time.
Time to sleep and reading -
The last Mother's Day
is but have been nice?

Must I choose a mum
(Anita Menger)

Must I choose a mom,
my choice just fell on you.
Because you're the best mommy
can give it to me.

A nosegay Woodruff
(Joseph Guggenmos)

White and green is my bouquet,
pretty humble he looks.
Fresh from the forest he comes in.
Smell only erduftet fine.
Take! `s a piece of the spring.
I wish you mother so happy.

Poems for Mothers

Much love for Mother's day!

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So soft so warm ...
(Paul Heyse)

So soft and warm
Cherishes you no arm
As you mother embraces arm.
You never find
So sweet repose,
As if your eye will depend on her.

My mother
(Friedrich Wilhelm Güll)

No bird sits in fluff and moss
in its nest so warm
I on my mother's lap,
on my mother's arm.
And I hurt my head and feet,
passes me all the pain,
gives me the mother a kiss
and pushes me to her heart. 

More Mother's Day poems

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    Not only on Mother's Day

    You have made us breakfast
    and despite your worries
    joked with us and laughed.
    So it was in the morning.

    You woke us pünkltich
    and can sleep had.
    You've zugesteclt us money
    to spoil us.

    Not only on Mother's Day
    We woll'n remember.
    We want every day you
    give our love.

    (Lisl Güthoff)

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    Mother is the most beautiful name

    "Mother" is the most beautiful name,
    on the vast earth ground.
    Affectionate, often he is called,
    quietly from the child's mouth.

    Quiet only one speaks,
    when bang and sad is the heart.
    Seeking help, often called
    if you press the distress, the pain.

    If the mother is then himself,
    from work tired and old,
    Mother's name remains holy,
    Then think back and give her support.

    Sheltered, protected life long,
    so I say today on Mother's Day,
    for your goodness and faithfulness,
    got you, got you.

    (Author unknown)

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    Declaration of love to a mother

    If nothing works, I'll go to you
    and you accuse my worries.
    You take your time, lend me your ears -
    I feel safe.

    When I was a kid, you could
    set things for me.
    Now that I'm grown up, you help me,
    weight them properly.

    If nothing works, I'll go to you,
    you are my refuge.
    You look at me, you're just there,
    and further depletes's not a word.

    For what I have become,
    you have planted the seed.
    You have the tender plant long
    guarded and maintained.

    Even though I often these words
    do not say in every day life -
    today I tell her: "I'm so glad,
    Mom, I've got you."

    (Renate Eggert rinds)

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    For the mother

    What should I tell you,
    O good mother today?
    What should I wish you because,
    That you and please me?

    Yes, could I just say you's,
    How's about my heart is!
    You know it anyway better
    How much you are to me.

    That you always loved me
    And I always love you -
    Nothing better can I wish
    Nothing better for you and me.

    (Karl W. Ferdinand Enslin)

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    I wish I were a bird

    I wish I were a bird,
    Then I fäng day and night
    All those little songs,
    I thought for you.

    And each new morning
    Brächt 'I have a new song
    From my faithful heart,
    The glows for you.

    And if only one liked,
    How happy I would 'be
    The greatest treasure of the earth,
    The whole world was mine.

     (Eduard Maria Oettinger)

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    To My Mother

    I'm used to wear the head quite high,
    My mind is a little rigid and tough;
    If even the King could see my face,
    I would not knock your eyes.

    But, dear mother, I will openly say it:
    How powerful my proud heart puffs up,
    In your blessed sweet, dare close
    often takes me a humility full trembling.

    Is it your mind, the secret subdue me,
    Your high spirit of piercing even everything bold,
    And flashing soars to the sky light?
    Torments me remind you that I verübet
    But some act that grieve your heart?
    The beautiful heart that so much loved me?

    (Heinrich Heine)

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    To My Mother

    As much as I'd 'a beautiful song made
    of your love, your faithful manner;
    the gift that is always watching for others,
    if I had awakened so much to your prices.

    But as I minded more and more,
    and how I liked also the rhymes,
    of the heart flooding welled forth above,
    destroyed me of the song delicate waves.

    So the just plain gifts take out
    carried by simply ungeschmücktem word
    and all my soul take it:
    Where you feel the most, do not have much to say.


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    To My Mother

    Although no greeting, although no letter from me
    As long kömmt you, let no doubt but
    The heart, as if 'the tenderness of the son,
    I owe you, out of my chest
    Escaped. No, any more than the rock
    The lies deep in the river before ew'gem anchor,
    dodges his place, although the flood
    With stürm'schen waves soon, with gentle soon
    Furthermore flows and deliver him from the eye,
    As little softened tenderness for you
    Out of my chest, although the current life
    whipped soon storming over it flows from the pain,
    And soon caressed by the joy of breastfeeding
    It covers and prevents them not
    shows and their main the sun around
    contributes Zurückgeworfne rays and you
    With each glance shows how you worship your son. 

    (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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    We would never have washed

    We would never have washed
    and usually not combed,
    the stockings had holes
    and dirty would be the shirt.
    We ate fish with honey
    and cauliflower with cinnamon,
    if you do not sorgtest daily,
    that all goes well and true.
    We had wet feet
    and teeth black as soot
    and up to both ears
    skin full of applesauce.
    We could not sleep well,
    if you do not'd come again
    and us before we dream,
    take thee in your arms.
    And yet: Are we all
    sometimes a burden.
    What would you be without children?
    Be glad that you have made us.

    (Eva Rechlin)

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