How much do children?

Children up to age 18 costs a lot of money. We'll show you what costs you have to expect at what age, where can be saved - and what state aid it gibt.Von diapers and baby food, sports and music lessons to a school trip and the first mobile phone: Children cost money. Lot of money! Parents give the money for their kids happy, but feel every month anew: Expenditures for necessary purchases rise significantly with each passing year. For babies you can still get a lot of things given or can they borrow from friends or within the family. Nice clothes there are also needed. At least for the little ones. The latest from starting school parents is not done saving so easily. The idea of ​​how large family should be, is also a very unemotional for many: Can we afford child number two and three at all?

How much are children?

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There are circulating several model calculations, based on different calculation bases. The easiest to understand is the Federal Office of Statistics, it represents the current consumer spending in the center of their calculations.
Therefore does a child a month on average 584 euros. This makes extrapolated up to 18 years, costs of nearly 130,000 euros.

Cost as much children

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Costs up to the age of six = 6,200 euros consumption per year
The Federal Statistical Office is for the years to school age to an annual total of about 6,200 euros. Quite a decent chunk of money! It is only to the running costs for food, clothing, furniture, leisure, games, etc. Both the initial as well as the care costs are not included here! The cost of the initial amount to an average of 3,000 euros. but you can save a lot of money if you borrow clothes from friends and big-ticket items such as baby bed, high chair and stroller buy second hand. If you want to work after parental leave half day and your child will be cared for in a daycare center, you have to expect a cost of 400 euros for Cribs and 250 euros for kindergarten children. However, this is only a very rough number, the charges vary widely - some of them are related to earnings, partly they differ from city to city.

Cost for children up to twelve years = 7,200 euros consumption per year
The older children are, the higher are their demands on toys, media and consumer electronics. And with increasing age also, whether boy or girl, the clothing needs of demanding - even if your child is not equal to the brand fetishists. A school child costs statistically 604 euros a month. Here, too, resulting care costs Hort and holiday care are not included.

Costs until the children are of age = 8,400 euros consumption per year
A glance at the statistics shows that after the age of twelve children are really expensive: The monthly costs are then at an average of 700 euros. Main reason: the time of the child's plate is finally over, teens are constantly hungry and need for growing a lot, a lot of food. And who grows, new clothes need (55 euro per month). Also, the pocket money and spending on mobile phone etc. now make a serious post.
Stronger budget: lower per capita spending

Costs for children: what children cost

Small consolation: Number two is cheaper!

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The Federal Statistical Office but also ready with some good news for cupped parents: The more children there are in a household, the lower the average cost of children. For at least part of the basic equipment needs to be purchased only for the first child and is then passed on to younger siblings. And that saves money: Compared with the 584 euros per month in consumer spending one-child household, are spending in couples with two children at "only" 515 euros and with three children at 484 euros per child.
Unconsidered: Insurance, supervision, working

The model calculation of the Federal Statistical Office includes only consumer spending, but not pension and insurance costs; nor the possible later pending cost of a parent-funded study. Also not included are the necessary investments such as a bigger car or a bigger apartment. By the sharp rise in energy costs in recent years, this area has developed into the biggest price drivers: According to a recent survey pay parents for housing and energy, based solely on the children, on average 127 euros a month. The opportunity costs were left in the model calculation left out: In most families, a parent reduces its work and household income.
However, these issues are facing many government services that provide an increase in the account:  State aids reduce the cost of children

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